Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Asmodian Swordsman

Regular version
The Elite champion of Hell waiting at the bottom of the pit for the opening of the Gates of Barathrum. He sacrificed his wings to wield and to master the Claws of Mammon, a set of 12 blades forged in the heart of Hell from pure obsidian imbued with the dark essence , they are some of the few weapons that could cut through angelic auras.
Regular version - first sketch
This is the first version that I did for Asmodian regular version. Unfortunately it wasn't approved, I perfectly understand why :)... but I like this one too and I thought it would be nice to share it.
Here, the Asmodian is decapitating an angel while casting a spell.
Advanced version
Once the Gates are opened, there is nothing that could stop him. Even if he can't fly, he can perform giant leap attacks out of the darkness. He now attacks a pack of angels who dared to adventure near his lair... they are no match for his rage.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Really, your arts look even better than pictures from Warhammer (I mean FRP or Warhammer: Invasion) or many different games. Damn, it's much better than concept arts from Diablo III (Diablo looks childishly, your Asmodian Swordsman is totally epic :D ). Please, share more your drawings with demons : >

Vlad Marica said...

Thanks a lot dude!!! Considering that I'm a huge fan Diablo, especially 2, and now you tell me that my art looks better than the one from Diablo 3... well, that's a hell of a compliment my friend! :) Thank you! Glad that you like my stuff!

Arthoryum said...

HOLY SHIT!!! What a authentic master piece, it's absolutely incredible, i wish i could be so POWERFUL as that Asmodian Swordsman!!!

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