Friday, March 7, 2014

Whip of the Spirits - Regular version
A flesh and blood Asmodian, driven by his lust for power, dared to venture into the ruins of the ancient city of the dead, Necropolis, seeking a powerful lost artifact: the headpiece from the broken staff  of the Lich Queen, also known as the Whip of the Spirits. What the asmodian didn't know is that the whip cannot be controlled by anyone, not even by an elite demon like him. Now, after centuries, finding itself in the demon's hands, the Whip of the Spirits is draining the asmodian's blood and ripping his essence.
Whip of the Spirits- advanced version
The asmodian as the new Lich King...


Anonymous said...

This is also great picture :)
Personally I think Asmodian is better, but I'm not talking about technical details, but only overall impression. However these demon looks really cool (especially third eye, it's small detail, but demon's much scarier and more disturbing). But, if it's lich KING, maybe he should have a crown? :D (Personally, I think it could be crown of horns :] ).

Vlad Marica said...

Thank you man! Yeah, I think the other Asmodian is better too... as an excuse, I had a shorter deadline for this set. :) I agree too with the third eye... I don't know what passed through my mind back then... I think I was inspired by the pineal gland also known as the third eye. I think it gives him more mystic and symbolic touch. Regarding the Lich king part... well, he was not meant to be Lich king, he is an Asmodian, arch enemy of the Undead... He was corrupted by the Whip to become Lich King... and I wanted to keep the his demonic look, but I think you are kind of right... I could have played a little more with his design in the advanced version and maybe add some Undead elements... I thought the rotten flesh was enough. :D

Anonymous said...

I see. Actually this rotten flesh on first picture looks incredible (and other ,,bloody" elements like eyes and mouth). BTW. I have just understood that, this is next ,,form" of Asmodian xD Honestly, I didn't read description but focused on pictures firstly x] Poor Asmodian :( But I still think that; demons > undeads :) BTW2: that concept of lost wings and 12 blades is really badass B)

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